About us

Marinov Industrial Holding is privately held company that invests and manages wide range of industrial manufacturing businesses. We are providers of high quality engineered solutions to the transportation, communication, manufacturing, and technology industries. Our strategy is to invest in highly specialized small and midsize companies in the precision machined components, sheet metal, structural assemblies and automation & drive. As a holding we try to understand and use intelligently the potential of our companies, in order to optimise the operations and to deliver the best products to our customers.


Our Companies

A&M Trade LLC

А&М Trade is a resource of highest quality NEMA-standard general purpose motors, as well as specialty drives for numerous specific applications. Our agile facilities allow us to fulfill big and small orders with the same level of attention and service.

Leetech Manufacturing

Founded 23 years ago, Leetech Manufacturing is a provider of high quality precision metal components and elements. The company is a precision machine shop focusing on the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Services primarily consist of milling and turning for customers requiring close tolerance products.

Diamond Mold

Diamond Mold entered the precision machining business in 1978. Focused on injection mold making, the company's expertise has expanded to include high-end machining applications, engineering design and product development. Our goal is to provide the highest quality molds, innovative machining, and value-added services possible.

AeroMed Precision

AeroMed Precision is comprised of a team of experienced tool makers, machinists, and industry professionals whose mission is to provide innovative and cost effective machining and tooling solutions for our customers. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), AeroMed Precision can effectively engage government contracts.

Micron Solutions

Micron Solutions is a Utah based small business that has, over the last 35 years, built its own American-made equipment, machines, and processes to manufacture parts so small you can't see them with the naked eye. We offer a complete spectrum of design and engineering capabilities and experience aimed at providing you with the best service and quality within one shop.